Best Stir Fry Wine Pairings

Best Stir Fry Wine Pairings

stir fry wine pairings

Because stir-fry is a dish that relies heavily on the individual components of the sauce to bring out the true flavors of the meal, the best stir fry wine pairings must be complementary to the sauce profile. Depending on the type of meat and vegetables used in the stir-fry, a variety of sauces can be used to highlight the flavor profile and bring the dish together. Rather than focusing on the base ingredient to make your pairing, you should rely on the overwhelming flavors of the sauce. Here are three wines to consider when looking for the perfect pairing for your stir-fry meal:

RIESLING: Because of the sweetness of a Riesling vintage, these wines work well to tame the heat and acidity of tangy stir-fries. Examples of a stir-fry dish that would go well with a sweet Riesling includes a sweet and sour profile or a spicy offering. Off-dry Rieslings are always a good choice when looking for a complementary wine choice for a sweet or spicy stir-fry. A heavy oak profile can really take away from the bold flavors of a stir-fry, so it is wise to avoid those types of white wines.

ROSÉ: The fruitiness of a Rose will bring out the natural zing of a sweet chile based stir-fry sauce. Roses with a bit of carbonation will add a little zip to your stir-fry meal, enhancing the overall taste and texture. A nice sparkling rose will be a great addition to a Thai-inspired stir-fry dish, especially if it is heavy on the vegetables.

VERMENTINO: This incredibly versatile wine is perfect for stir-fries because of the complex flavors often present in this dish. The light crispness of a Vermentino wine makes it an ideal choice for pairing with dishes with predominant herb and spice flavor profiles.