The Golden Rules of Opening a Bottle of Wine

The Golden Rules of Opening a Bottle of Wine


Opening a bottle of wine is a simple act that few people actually do properly. Here are four basic tips on how to uncork a bottle of wine like a true wine lover.

Use a Waiter Corkscrew with a Blade
Not all corkscrews are the same. If this is not painstakingly obvious to you yet, then you most likely have not had much success in opening your wine. If you want to open a bottle of wine like a pro, always use a waiter corkscrew, and make sure it has a blade!

Remove the Capsule
Always remove the capsule on the neck of the wine bottle. How do you remove it? With the blade on your waiter corkscrew! This should always be done with elegance and style.

Insert Your Corkscrew Carefully
Once you have removed the wine capsule, insert the tip of your corkscrew right in the center of your cork and turn the corkscrew clockwise until you reach the last ring of the screw.

Uncork Your Bottle
Don’t pull! The best way to uncork your bottle at this point is to place the lever found on the corkscrew, against the neck of the bottle and press down. Your cork should come out with ease.

Don’t forget to smell the cork to make sure of the quality of your wine. Now drink in good company and enjoy!