10 Common Myths About Wine

10 Common Myths About Wine

A lot of the myths you may believe about wine are simply not true. Here’s a helpful guide to common myths about wine to help show wine in a better light:

  1. Drinking Wine Will Slow You Down. False. A study by Columbia University found that those who drink a moderate amount of wine experience better brain health than non-drinkers.
  2. Drinking Wine Is Bad for Your Cholesterol. False. Red wine has been shown to help increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels. However, always drink in moderation!
  3. Wine Is Bad for Your Health. False. Studies show that drinking wine, especially red wine, may help fight flu symptoms by boosting gut health.
  4. Drinking Sulfite-Free Wine Will Prevent A Hangover. False. Sulfites are found inherently in all varieties of wine. You can’t drink sulfite-free wine, because it doesn’t exist!
  5. Alcohol (Including Wine) Ruins Diets. False. Those who drink wine over other alcoholic beverages are generally slimmer with less belly fat.
  6. More Expensive Wine Tastes Better. False. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars for a good vintage. There are many wine options that offer you quality and value.
  7. Wine (Especially Red) Will Ruin Your Teeth. False. Canadian scientists have found that one component in red wine, polyphenols, may help prevent and protect against gum disease.
  8. Big Bottles Equal Better Wine. False. Years ago, Italian and French winemakers indicated quality wines with dark, heavy bottles. Nowadays, bigger bottles only mean higher shipping costs!
  9. Wine Is Alcohol and Can Worsen Depression. False. Moderate wine consumption may play a role in reducing the risk of suffering from some form of depression.
  10. Drinking and Sun Exposure Don't Mix. False. A glass of wine before going out in the sun may help inhibit reactive skin cells that cause harsh burns from UV sun rays.

Pick up you next glass of wine with confidence knowing the truth about these myths about wine. Perhaps try Italian red wine made with traditional, quality processes. These common myths shouldn't hold you back from enjoying the pleasure of wine!

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