Pairing Wine & Pizza

Pairing Wine & Pizza
Pizza has been a long-time favorite around the dinner table since its creation. For a true authentic experience, Italian pizza is the way to go. Hand tossed dough cooked in a wood-burning fire oven and ingredients added at the perfect time create a masterpiece of flavor. Pairing the right wine to go with the perfect pizza, whether it is Margherita, Four Cheese, Sausage and Broccoletti, or Capricciosa that you crave, makes dinner come to life. 

Margherita Pizza & Chardonnay 
Fresh basil, thick slices of tomato, and juicy mozzarella combine with the subtle hint of olive oil makes the Margherita pizza a light and flavorful favorite. Pairing a Chardonnay with this pizza is perfect thanks to its crisp freshness and high acidity which compliments well with a mouthful of Margherita pizza. 

Four Cheese Pizza & Sparkling Wine 
For a drier choice of wine, Sparking Wine is on the menu with its fizzy appeal and choice of either white or rose. Pair this wine with a four-cheese pizza for an unbeatable combination of tastes. Allow the flavors of mozzarella, provolone, Romano, and parmesan dance on your taste buds followed by a sip of the carbonated wine to blend the experience and get your palate ready for another bite.

Pizza with Sausage and Broccoletti & Chianti Cassico 
This is the perfect enticing combination of savory sausage and crisp broccoletti on a hand-tossed crust for an interesting arrangement of flavors. Wrapped in smooth mozzarella cheese and tangy pizza sauce, this pie is delicious. Red wine goes best with this selection. Pair this pizza with Chianti Cassico for a deep, rich, full-bodied taste that will delight in your mouth. 

Capricciosa Pizza & Rosso di Montepulciano 
If a deluge of flavor is what you crave, then dive into a capricciosa pizza with hearty toppings such as Italian baked ham, mushrooms, artichoke, anchovies, and tomatoes. With such a savory pizza choice, you’ll want an equally savory wine. Pair this pizza with Rosso di Montepulciano wine for a fresh and fruity red wine selection that goes down smooth. 

Pizza and wine make an amazing combination. Whether you are trying a new Italian style pizza or sticking with your go-to favorite, make sure you have the right wine to compliment the pie and make it a meal you’ll look forward to having again and again.

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