Pairing Wine with Spring Vegetables

Pairing Wine with Spring Vegetables
The Spring awaken not only the vine from its winter sleep, but vegetable gardens return to take center stage when it comes to our diet. The quantity and quality of Spring veggies is suitable for every palate, especially those who like tastes that are a bit more pungent. Countless Italian regional recipes begin in the garden. All paired, of course with a great glass of wine.
Let's start with a "veteran" of winter, a vegetable that remains with us until mid-April - cabbage. This versatile and tasty vegetables is indisputably healthy, but certainly does not possess the most delicate of aromas when being cooked. Its taste on the other hand will prove to be something completely different: fragrant, consistent, and perfect to pair with various ingredients. This vegetable works well with pasta or baked in the oven with a bit of breadcrumbs. Each fully satisfying mouthful should be balanced with a wine of excellent freshness that enhances the delicacy of the vegetable. How about pairing it with a good Morellino di Scansano or a young Chianti Classico? Wines of good freshness, body and bouquet always make for good company.
Peas! Ah peas. Spring is a time to marvel at the world of legumes. Rich in proteins, tasty, lighter than cousins - beans and chickpeas - peas are the quintessence of spring vegetables and can be prepared in countless ways: with pasta, savory pies or as a side dish. An original way to consume them is undoubtedly in an Italian pea “cake” made with peppers, scamorza cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil. 
This delicate, yet structured dish is balanced by wines that have a sweet tendency just like the legume and peppers in the dish and the aromaticity of the cheeses, as well as the consistency of the pastry. A white wine with a good body, like a Chardonnay, will make your palate as fresh as a rose, allowing you to enjoy every single bite. 
And that leaves us with one of the most popular March vegetables of them all - asparagus. Low in sodium and rich in minerals, asparagus is one of the healthiest vegetables in the garden. As always, however, paying attention to your health does not mean giving up taste. There are very interesting ways of preparing asparagus that do not necessarily entail boiling them and putting it on a plate without seasoning. A great classic Italian dish with asparagus is risotto. Prepare your broth with vegetables and flavorings, with carrots, shallots and a pinch of thyme to give flavor. The wine? It’s best to pair this vegetable with a medium-bodied wine of excellent freshness, which emphasizes the intensity and the aromas of the dish such as a\ Sicilian Inzolia or a Pinot Grigio. You will be amazed!

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